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4/2016  –   Wally’s Journey with heart disease.

To our loyal customers both past and current and our vendors we thought you would like to know what has been happening with Wally’s health.

Last year late spring Wally began to notice some pronounced changes in his strength, breathing and ability to work. By July, as this was progressing, he was being seen by Heart Specialists. The conclusion was that he was experiencing Congestive Heart Failure. This is an incurable condition but one that many can live with. In October he received a pace maker defibulator. This device did steady his heart rhythm, but did not produce any real health improvements. He was doing his best to work but was not able to carry photo gear, photograph jobs or be in any hot outdoor conditions. By January, the disease was progressing and classified as Advanced Congestive Heart Failure. At this point, Wally was in and out of the hospital and trying to work in the office on his good days.

In early 2016, Wally’s stamina would only allow a few hours in the office. His doctors recommended Tampa General’s Transplant Program, it is one of the best in the country and is responsible for many heart transplants yearly. They have now stabilized Wally’s health and condition. He is officially “on the list”. Rest is his friend along with a constant IV drip and a list of meds you would not believe. Wally must stay healthy and rested and wait for “the call”. The process to get on a transplant list is strenuous and the cost is staggering even with the excellent insurance Wally has.

Currently, Wally is on a Medical Leave of Absence from Vernon Photography. We speak to him often, and he visits the office occasionally. He has graciously made himself available to us as needed. Wally has been with us as our friend since 1982 and in the business for over 22 years. He has been the face of Vernon’s over the years and we miss him. More than the business part, the loss of daily friendship is immense. We know you have missed him too, in your office, at your school, on the phone, handling shoots and schedules, ordering supplies.

He needs our help and yours, if you would like to participate. The finances for this are staggering and life changing. He has a “go fund me” page. If you feel led to contribute, we would encourage you to do so. And, here’s Wally’s email if you would like to drop him a note of encouragement.

We hope to see him back in our office in the future, with a healthy heart and an ability to live his life again. Thanks you so much for taking the time to read this, we appreciate you as our customer and/or vendor. We couldn’t be who we are without you!

Warm Regards,

The Vernon Photo Team

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