Christmas Portraits by Vernon Photography

Our Christmas Portraits offer flexibility and plenty of options! We’re proud to offer our most customizable holiday portrait options yet!

Choose the background, build the package and choose how to order. It’s that easy. Get the photos you want and skip getting stuck with the rest.

Choose your background

Why be limited to one background when purchasing your Christmas Portraits? Vernon Photography is proud to be offering green screen for our 2016 Christmas program! Simply choose the background you’d like used for your portraits.

Choose your package

We’re proud to introduce an easy way to get exactly what you want and still qualify for a package discount. Simply build your own package and save!

Choose your order method

Place your order how you’d like! Want the best value? Order on picture day using an order envelope. Want to use a credit card? Simply visit our prepay page. Or, want to see the picture before placing an order? Wait until the photos have been posted online for reorder and place your order then. (Typically 2-3 weeks after picture day)

Now using Green Screen!


Please note: Green outfits or clothing can severely limit our ability to place your portrait on your background of choice.

Our Backgrounds

Please Note: Home for the Holidays is our default background if no background choice is made 

Skip the paperwork and Prepay Online!

Click the link below to prepay for your Christmas portraits online