Youth Sports Photography 

We love working with local sports leagues and organizations to provide top-notch individual and team portraits! Vernon Photography has become an established name in youth sports photography to leagues in and around Clearwater, St Petersburg, Largo, Pinellas Park, Palm Harbor, Tampa and Brandon. We consistently deliver high quality products in a timely manner with friendly and local customer service.

Some of the sports we have worked with over the past 20 years of business include Football, softball, baseball, soccer, tennis, chearleading, dance and swim leagues. We are always interested in photographing your league regardless of the sport!

Find out why Vernon Photography has become the leading sports league photographer in the greater Tampa Bay area!


Organized Picture Days

Our team has over 25 years of experience at making picture day flow as easily and organized as possible! Let us help provide your league with your best picture day yet! 

Friendly & Local Support

We’re local and care deeply about our product & reputation. If your parents have an issue with their order, point them in our direction & we’ll happily get it sorted out real quick! 

How it works… 

#1 - Program

We have several programs we can offer depending on your league’s specific needs and what you’re looking to get out of picture day! We can cater specifically to fundraising, end of season giveaways or both. Get in touch and we can help craft a program that works best for your league. 

#2 - Details

Once we’ve nailed down a program, we’ll work on setting details for your league. We’ll work with you to determine how photos will be delivered (mail to home or league handout), how many days or evenings picture day will need and what the schedule should look like. 

After deciding on the above, it’s time to get the word out. We provide organized envelopes to hand out and / or emails to distribute the important info to your parents and include lots of helpful instructions to make it as easy as possible for your families to participate in picture day! Remember, better participation directly affects your league and the incentives included in your program. 


#3 - Picture Day

On picture day, we’ll show up early and bring plenty of staff to ensure things go as smoothly as possible. Our team will help instruct and organize each of your teams as they show up to make sure everyone knows where to go and when. 

We bring a sales table with plenty of samples, extra order forms and some friendly staff to answer questions or help place / collect orders as each time is photographed. 

We start with individual portraits to provide extra time for any stragglers to arrive and our team photographs every athlete regardless of order so that your families have the opportunity to order later if they change their mind. We also bring a staff member just for posing to make sure your athletes are posed correctly and quickly for their portraits. It makes the process quick and organized.


#4 - Delivery

Typically orders are delivered back to your families within 3-4 weeks. 

Your league shouldn’t have to worry about any issues with picture orders. So, we’ve found ship-to-home to be an excellent delivery method. And, if an order is found to be missing or damaged, please direct that family to call us and we’ll happily sort things out for them as quickly as possible. 


What you can expect… 

  • Organized and on-time picture days
  • High quality products customized to your athletes and league
  • Friendly staff members and well-trained photographers
  • Local and easy customer service and support
  • Fundraisers to help support your organization
  • Competitive pricing and packages to accommodate every budget
  • We deliver on what we promise!!

Interested? Have Questions? 

Please contact us with any questions you may have about our school portrait programs. We’d also be more than happy to provide references of our strong reputation upon request.

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