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What is Covered in the Sitting Fee?

Our sitting fee covers several things. First, it covers your time with our photographer in our studio. It covers the preparation, enhancements and archival of your portraits. And, it also covers the images retouching for the portraits you select for the yearbook.

Do you supply a Tux or Drape for the formal portraits?

Yes, we supply both along with the dress shirt and bowtie for the guys, pearls and a red rose (if you’d like to use them) for the girls.

Can you give me any ideas on what to bring to my Senior Portrait session?

Of course! Often, we’ve found that Seniors regret not bringing things with them once they get to our studio and talk with the photographer about portrait ideas. So, here are some things to think about bringing:

If you play sports of any kind, bring your jerseys, equipment/gear, trophies, sports balls etc. (For example, a football player could bring their helmet, pads, jerseys, etc).

If you are really into a hobby or playing an instrument of some kind, please feel free to bring the instrument or the things that go along with that hobby. (ie, a camera, drum set, guitar, sheet music, skate board, surf board etc) We’ve had seniors who are into hunting bring their gun or bow & arrow.

Think of it this way, if it defines your life right now or is a big part of who you are, bring it! As long as it fits through the door (and unloaded) it’s welcome! 🙂

Can I bring my pet to my Senior Portrait session?

Yes! We love when Seniors bring their pets. We’ve had snakes, cats, dogs of all kinds, a hedgehog and more.

Please contact the studio prior to your appointment if you plan on bringing your pet. Also, make sure to to bathe and groom your pet for the portrait session. We have a cleaning fee of $25 if your animal sheds excessively in our studio. We have to ensure that each Senior has a clean studio for their portrait session. 

If your pet has a certain toy or sound that really gets their attention, bring it! Many times it’ll help get them to look directly at the camera. We typically will end the session with your pet just so we can avoid getting hair on your clothes until the end. Plan to bring someone along to help watch them until we’re ready for them!

Am I required to make a purchase from my Senior Portrait session?

Absolutely not! We understand that Senior year is a very expensive year for parents and seniors alike. While we think Senior portraits are one of the more important investments you can make during the year, we do not require a purchase of any kind. 

How much will Senior photos cost?

Actually, only as much as you’d like for it to. We pride ourselves in providing packages and a la carte options to satisfy every budget. Our average purchase is just over $450. However, we have many families who consistently place orders both larger and smaller.

Do you offer graduation announcements or invitations?

Yes! And, they are absolutely beautiful. We have a large number of designs so we’re sure to find a layout you’ll love. The text can be completely customized and many of the designs are laid out to feature lots of your Senior portraits. Our announcements come with fitted envelopes and are completely ready to mail.

Can I purchase the image files from my Senior Portrait session?

Yes! We get it, You want the photos on your computer and mobile device. No problem!

A direct download link of all the image files including our final edits is available for sale and even included in several of our packages. We also offer individual files for purchase as well.

Our image files include any retouching we did as part of your entire order, and single image files always come retouched. The all image files package is the only senior portrait product that does not include retouching.

ANY image file you purchase from us comes with a FULL copyright release. This allows you the legal ability to print as many copies as you’d like from any of our portraits.

How long does the whole Senior portrait process take?

We typically post your proofs in our online gallery within 3-4 weeks of your session. You can place an order using our online proofing system or set up a personal ordering appointment in our studio. This way, you have plenty of time for you and any other family members to look through our proofs and packages.

Depending on the products you choose, it will take 3-4 weeks for your order to be fulfilled. We can usually get things out faster though so please let us know of any special time circumstances and we will do our best to help.

Do you offer retouching? What does it cost?

Yes! For school portraits, we offer the option of adding retouching to your order for $9-15 per image. Price varies based on the level of retouching selected. 

For senior portraits, we offer retouching free of charge on every print order placed with us and on your yearbook image(s). It is common for a studio to charge extra for retouching of any kind to be applied. We like simplifying our bringing by including this as a featured freebie for our graduates. There are only a few rare cases where the retouching being requested is so extensive that it may be necessary for us to charge a small fee, such as removing braces or tan lines.

Will your Senior portrait retouching make me look fake?

No! We take great pride in our retouching. Our retouchers have made it their goal to retouch images in a way that it appears we’ve just caught our senior on their very best day!

Our standard retouching covers blemish removal, softening of lines under eyes, teeth and eye whitening, subtle eye color enhancements and skin smoothing. We can always apply more retouching upon request if you would prefer. 

What is your address?

Vernon Photography, Inc

11701 S Belcher Rd Suite 119

Largo, FL 33773

Here’s a link to our studio in Google Maps

What are your hours?

We’re typically available at our office Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Our portrait studio sometimes carries separate hours throughout the year by appointment.

What is your phone number?

You can reach us at (727) 329-8962

Can I order School portraits online?

Of course! Portraits are typically available for purchase online. We have several online ordering systems depending on the type of photos you’d like to order though. So, please head on over to our online ordering page to make sure you get to the right place. 

What is the difference between prepay & online ordering?

Prepay is typically an online order that is placed prior to or sometimes a couple of business days after picture day. It’s an online and paperless version of placing your order with an envelope and as such, doesn’t display a preview of the photo. 

Online ordering typically becomes available 3-4 weeks after picture day and allows you to see the photo before purchasing. It does typically cost more as the order will be individually printed and shipped directly to your home. 

Both methods of ordering are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

What is my school’s prepay code?

You can get your school’s online prepay code a couple of ways. It is typically printed on the envelope that is sent home with your child prior to picture day. It is also typically communicated by the school via email a couple of days prior to picture day.

If you don’t have access to that information, feel free to send us an email and we’d be happy to get the code to you!

What is my student’s online password?

You can get your student’s online password a couple of ways. It is typically printed on the package or information that is sent home with your child after picture day. If you placed an order, it will be printed on the information included with your order. If you didn’t place an order, you will receive an informational page with instructions on how to place an order online along with what your student’s password is. 

If you didn’t receive or don’t have access to that information, please contact to request your student’s access code. Please include your student’s name, school, grade, teacher name, and the type of photos (fall, spring, sports, senior) you are trying to view online. 


I’m having trouble downloading my image file…

Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing with our download system!

Make sure you are entering the last name and password exactly as they are printed on the information that was sent home with your student! For security reasons, our system is very strict to make sure there is an exact match before delivering any image files. 

If you are sure your student’s last name & password have been entered correctly, we are happy to help locate your image file and will typically send a direct download link to deliver your file quickly and easily. To let us know you need some help, please contact us and make sure to fill out all the requested information!

I haven’t received my order

Sorry your order hasn’t made it to you yet! While we do everything we can to make sure all orders make it to the school organized and undamaged, things can go wrong!

We recommend first reaching out to your school or sports league to check if they have your order. Sometimes it gets separated from the rest of orders but is present and just waiting to be delivered to you.

If you know your school or sports league doesn’t have it, please contact us and make sure to fill out all the requested information so we can track down what went wrong as quickly as possible. 

Do you sell the digital image of Class photos?

No. We do not sell Class, Group, Team or any kind of multi-family photos as digital images. These images are only available as prints per industry standard.


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